Personality Profiles of Art-Collectors

Personality traits of Art-Collectors, , Marylin Monroe
Personality traits of Art-Collectors, Marylin Monroe

There are various art-personality profiles that are commonly used to identify psychological profiles of art-seekers. Here are six (6) distinct personalities we identify in our practice of selling and buying art.

1. Aesthete:
A person with an aesthetic personality appreciates art for its beauty, harmony, and visual appeal. They are often drawn to art that evokes emotions and resonates with their senses. This Art-personality is immersed in art history, ancient art forms, symbolism and cultural differences.

2. Connoisseur:
These individuals have extensive knowledge and expertise in art. They value art for its historical significance, technical skill, and artistic mastery. Connoisseurs often seek out rare and valuable artworks, and artists with proven track records I.e. — solo exhibitions sales, auctions sales; art donations.

3. Storyteller:
Art-seekers with a storytelling personality are captivated by art that tells a narrative or conveys a message. They are interested in the stories behind the artwork and appreciate pieces that evoke imagination and cultural historic events, time pieces.

4. Activist:
These individuals are passionate about art that addresses social or political issues. They seek out artworks that challenge societal norms, provoke thought, and raise awareness about important causes. Global warming, capitalism, social justice, equality, racism.

5. Explorer:
Art explorers have a curious and adventurous personality. They enjoy discovering new and emerging artists, exploring different art styles and mediums, and are open to unconventional and experimental forms of art.
Innovative mixed-media art, rennaissance art, industrial art.

6. Collector:
These individuals have a collector’s personality, driven by the desire to acquire and own art. They enjoy the process of building a collection, whether it’s focused on a specific artist, style, or theme, and often view art as an investment and supporter of a specific art movement.

It’s important to note that these art-personality profiles are not mutually exclusive, and individuals may exhibit traits from multiple profiles.







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