How to Buy Modern Art and Transform Lives

Hello Papillon’s valued customers, friends and supporters!
We are delighted to present these new opportunities for clients who love and collect art.

All-in-One solution:

1. Any Art-acquisition through Papillon Studio will be guaranteed by “Authenticity Certificate” issued at the time of the sale.

2. You’ll gain access to the Art Curator and have your 20-minute Q&A session free of charge.

3. As a valued customer, you’ll get our complimentary PDF document —“Art Purchases/Common Mistakes” when you sign-up for our online course “How to Buy Modern Art and Transform Lives.” This online training will include: review of art styles, techniques, trends, art sources, evaluation, authenticity, ownership, art-collection building and more.

Register here to participate in this online program and get your free PDF titled “Art Purchases/Common Mistakes.”
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