Welcome to the world of Papillon Studio downtown Sarasota, Florida.

As an European Fine Art gallery, Papillon Studio is ever-evolving space that showcases exceptional contemporary fine art from Western and Eastern Europe —Germany, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Belorussia, Armenia, Russia, Chad, South America and USA.

As you step into our gallery, you’ll immediately notice an eclectic collection of European and American contemporary fine art.
Passion, energy, color are bursting forward from original oil-on-canvas paintings and authentic canvas prints. Bronze and glass sculptures are displayed throughout Papillon Studio to help you find those unique art objects for your home!

One of the defining characteristics of the contemporary fine art gallery is our commitment to challenging the quality of work around us.
At Papillon Studio downtown Sarasota you’ll find artists who fearlessly explore new techniques and tackle the most complex art styles.
All our artists are academically trained in the finest Art Academies of Europe, Russia, Poland, Hungary and Italy.


As contemporary fine art gallery, we offer art tours, educational fine art programs at the gallery and online.
Our artists often get together to do live workshops for the local community, young emerging artists right at Papillon Studio/Art gallery.
Monthly First Friday Art-Walks are held all-year-around when our guests and locals can visit a new exhibit, sip wine and meet new friends.

In summary, all artists will have their voice heard because we celebrate all cultures and we are listening with great attention to multiple artistic visions!

Papillon studio is the art place where boundaries are pushed, conversations are started, and transformative art experiences are created. So, step into the world of contemporary European Fine Art Gallery/Studio and prepare to be inspired and impressed!