Art Consultation

Papillon studio is currently providing personalized Art-at-Your-Home Consultation Service, where the curators work closely with the clients in trying to understand their preferences, style, and budget. After the initial meeting Papillon Studio could recommend specific artworks that align with client’s tastes and help them make informed purchasing decisions. This service is free and can be scheduled by phone (917)951-9895 or email.

Art Events and Workshops

Papillon Studio - Contemporary Fine Art gallery is planning to host  seasonal art events, exhibitions, and workshops to engage and educate art-seeking clients and local residents. These events will include artist talks, meet-the-artists evenings, live demonstrations/interactive sessions, and assisting clients with a deeper understanding and appreciation of art.

Art Advisory Services

At Papillon Studio we are currently offering art advisory services, where we actively assist clients in building and managing their art collections. This includes recommending artworks for investment purposes, assisting with appraisals, art restaurations, and providing guidance on collection management and conservation of residential collections.

Custom Artwork

The gallery can offer the option of commissioning custom artwork tailored to the client's specifications. This allows clients to have a unique and personalized piece that perfectly fits their vision, subject-matter and complements their home. (Example, Family portraits, Wedding anniversaries, Family events)

Art Rental Programs

Papillon Studio is introducing an art-rental programs, allowing clients to rent artworks for a specific period of time. (A one-time delivery fee will apply). This provides flexibility for clients to experience different artworks in their homes without committing to a permanent purchase.

Online Virtual Gallery

Papillon studio is ready to launch an online Vertual gallery where clients can browse and purchase artworks from the comfort of their homes. This expands the reach of the gallery and provides convenience for clients to explore and purchase art at their own pace. Purchased pieces will be shipped or delivered to the customers’ homes.


Please fill out the form to inquire about the services we provide here at Papillon Studio Sarasota.