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Art trends 2024


As we are getting ready to celebrate New Year, the art industry is welcoming new art trends in 2024. Digital Art is gaining momentum.

From the bold motion graphics projected onto walls to the -popping LED installations, digital art has come into its own.

Graphic designers, NFT creators, graffiti artists now can create immersive experiences, when the lines between physical and virtual realities blend into one entity. These interactive installations can engage audiences on multiple levels — visual, audio, spatial—captivating viewers with impressive visual effects.

And in the midsts of it all—we are witnessing the birth of “pixelated graphic artists” emerging online. They can produce a new digital art just with a computer mouse. Armed with new apps, this generation of digital pros had unlocked a dimension called Digital Art. Stunning digital compositions are now made by mastering new tools and software programs.

Nevertheless, these newly trained graphic artists who can skillfully project images onto flat surfaces of buildings and walls — are changing urban spaces and bringing their vision to the masses.

In fact, with a click of the mouse, modern digital art is selling all over the world and requires a brief computer training.

The internet connectedness provides free and easy collaboration among graphic artists— resulting in bold visual creations.

The Return of Traditional Fine Art

But fear not, traditional fine art lovers and collectors! The classic brush, oils, and canvases will hold its supreme place in this wave of digital utopia.

Perhaps in the future, the art world will blend the digital and traditional art by creating a hybrid where classicism meets with digital perfection. Traditional art won’t disappear. From Da Vinci to Dali, Chagall, Picasso and modern day exceptional artists, exquisite traditional art will remain supreme art form of all times!

Rise of Abstract Art

The art culture has always had a soft spot for the abstract, and in 2024, it’s going to grow even more! Unleash your imagination when standing in front of tall abstract created by famous Mark Rothko, who painted his abstract compositions with human emotion in mind. Not everyone is getting his message from bold colorful canvases but millions of dollars have been paid for his artworks bewildering collectors until today.

Defy anything you know about modern art and bring new understanding of abstract when you attempt to comprehend what artist had in mind in 1961?
Rothko’s art is breaking all sales records at the auction houses, including the sale at Sotheby’s in New York in 2012 resulting in 87 M dollars sale.

Process your own understanding of abstracts by enjoying vibrant colors dancing across canvases.
In the Abstract art one could always find endless possibilities, leaving no room for the one-and-only explanation of an art subject.

Landscape Art as Resurrected Form

Often, when life piles tons of everyday stress, and everything feels a bit overwhelming, one could find solace and peace in reconnecting with nature.
In 2024, landscape art will remain the only form of psychological escape from the chaos of modern life.

Any good landscape painting must convey real moment and feeling of the place. Be that majestic mountainscapes that transport you to the highest summits or peaceful seascapes that make you feel free and relaxed!

These tranquil landscapes transmit a sense of balance, natural beauty reminding us to take a deep breath and enjoy life.


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