What Is home without art?

What are the negative impacts of not having art at home? What pain and frustration will you experience without great art on your walls? What will you miss out on?
These are my art-related questions I’ll explore today.

Life is wonderful with amazing paintings of Picasso, Dali, Kurasov, Chagall, Van Gogh — but without them it’s dull and boring!

Imagine for a moment bare walls of your home…bleak, plain, depressing. What would it feel like living in that sad space?

First, you’ll have a sense of longing and frustration as you see your friends enjoying the beauty and inspiration that art brings to their lives. You’ll immediately notice a void in your own space — where uniform color will be everywhere you look—without a trace of life!

Do you recall visiting someone in the hospital room deprived of artistic touch that affects our emotional well-being? That cold space would mean nothingness and emptiness of non-living! Remember, Van Gogh’s hospital room?

The absence of ART will manifest in your life through a lingering sense of dissatisfaction and unfulfilled potential. You may find yourself yearning for a more vibrant and visually stimulating environment, experiencing a deep longing for the healing power of living art! You may also experience a sense of regret for not taking action and seizing the opportunity to create your own art-heaven which nurtures your soul and heart!

You’ll miss out on the joy of discovering emerging artists, new styles and very much needed social experiences!
You won’t have your personal art sanctuary —where you could exhale and breathe-in the renewing energy of your favorite canvases.

When feeling lost, deflated and tired, we search for peaceful and quiet moments. Our home— is our fortress, our magic place where everything reflects our aesthetic sense, freedom of thought and safe escape from reality. It is impossible to experience the sense of pride and accomplishment without our cherished art works, favorite books and photos —which convey memories of love and blissful moments.

Life is the greatest teacher that presents to us opportunities to grow, learn and move forward. The amazing impact of art is profound in our lives, leading to new beginnings on the road-less-traveled!
Living without art would certainly make us feel lonely and deprived of transformative power of art! Art equals life, intellectual awakening, emotional peace and personal growth. In summary, without ART you’ll experience a profound loss of beauty, inspiration, and social void. Your life and home will lack the vibrancy and emotional connection, personal touch and overall style that leads to self-expression and self-fulfilling exploration.


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