Pablo Picasso - Seated Woman

Positive effects of art acquisition—what, when and how…

I’m so excited to dive into the world of art ownership with you and its powerful ripple effects on family, friends and community.
Imagine waking up every morning surrounded by amazing masterpieces that are telling a unique story and evoke powerful emotions.

Your art journey will take time, and perseverance is required to identify critical resources in finding your personal art gems.
Often it seems simply overwhelming to navigate the complex world of contemporary fine art and ensure that you are investing in truly remarkable pieces. But fear not, I’ll guide you through this process step by step.

Where do you begin?

1. If you and your new find have  a magical attraction, start asking  a bunch of serious questions and do your homework.

2. Ask yourself why this specific art-in-question is different  than any other paintings you’ve considered before?

3. What do you like about this art piece — its genre, subject matter, unique composition, or a creative solution offered by the artist?

4. Where else have you seen or encountered similar paintings? Search your memory for old masterpieces, prestigious exhibits, art auctions, private collections, and your own art adventures that inspired you and evoked special memories.

5. Raise an important question about the cost of your art and write down its exceptional qualities which could support your decision to buy it.

6. Ask yourself why it seems unique and fresh to your eye? For example, you like an abstract art with elements of figurative painting, like “Seated woman” by Pablo Picasso, or a landscape canvas which you remembered from the past.

7. Identify any specific themes and techniques you uncovered in this painting which make this art outstanding? For example, it could remind you of your favorite season, travel experience, or a place in time.

8. Check any available online resources — i.e. art platforms, art auction records, museum exhibits and press coverage associated with your findings.  It’s essential to gather it all prior to moving forward.

One thing is for sure, progress is slow but as you follow your own journey, the decision you need to make will be based on facts and solid research.

At the end, you’ll experience the sense of pride and fulfillment when you showcase your new acquisition to family and friends, becoming a person of authority in your art community and personal circle.

Your home or office will be transformed as well into a vibrant environment filled with meaningful artworks that reflect your personal taste and your own artistic vision.


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