The deposits of Amber were formed millions of years ago when “the tears” of the ancient trees hardened and fossilized.
Golden, sun-filled gems were discovered by Stone-Age ancestors along the shores of the Baltic Sea.

Amber – is one of the rarest treasures of the North, which is still in great demand and in limited supply. The deposits of Amber are only found in Russia, Poland, Germany and three Baltic countries — Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia.

The color of the stone ranges from deep cognac, to yellow egg yok, to pale cream color. It could be clear or cloudy, and sometimes amber rocks contain an ancient insect, or a small plant fragment trapped in sap years ago. And those details add more value to the Amber Jewelry.

The Baltic Gem has a warm, lustrous golden shin and it’s considered a “healing gem,” which preserves health and well-being of its owner. Light in weight, warm to the touch, this gem is a real pleasure to wear.

Scientists and gem collectors treasure Amber specimens for its’ time-capsule quality which allows experts to trace back the age and place of origin of the gem.
In modern time, beautiful Amber is hard to find, and stunning necklaces and earrings are made by the world-class artisans of the Baltic sea.

To appreciate the healing energy of incredible Amber, visit “Amber Room” at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.