Georgy Kurasov is the First Prize Winner of 2019 All-American Fine Art Competition in Cubism category.

The juried competition was judged by the best American Museums and best American Fine Art Galleries.

Born, raised and educated in St. Petersburg, Russia, Georgy Kurasov was admitted to the most prestigious Fine Art School for gifted children under the patronage of the world-famous Hermitage Museum of USSR.

At the very young age, Georgy demonstrated phenomenal skills in drawing and sculpture. After 8 years of studying at the faculty of Fine Art and Sculpture, Georgy was admitted at the age of 21 to the Union of Fine Art Painters of USSR, a Soviet-era Professional Union for recognized painters and sculptors.

“Everything I create, admits Kurasov, it’s a kind of creative engineering. I conceive in my mind my new painting and transfer my imagination onto canvas. It’s simply an analytical process.”

The most outstanding cubist of our time, Kurasov developed his own style which is impossible to imitate.

When architects look at his work, they assume he is an architect and not a painter. When academically-trained artists attempt to do the same as Kurasov, they fail. The precision of complex composition, color palette, and most intriguing subjects reveal to the viewers Kurasov’s world of beauty and elegance. Having seen one Kurasov’s painting, you could never mistaken him for any other modern artist.

Kurasov’s stunning subject is Zinaida— his muse, his inspiration and his love. In her own field of dance and ballet, her image transcends timeless beauty and elegance of dance.